Simple Living, with Vintage Cars, Old Trains and Friendly People

As reviewed by Alan Twigg in BC BOOKWORLD, Winter
“Letters from Cuba presents Cuba beyond the tourist enclaves.  ‘Cubans are the friendliest people I’ve ever encountered,’ the author writes.  ‘I had expected to find fiery-eyed revolutionaries quoting Marx and Engels on every street corner, or carrying machine guns and shouting Death to America.’
“Ostensibly a series of holiday letters sent to friends and family, Letters is an off-the-beaten travelogue that mixes history and cultural observations with informal encounters and humorous asides.  Adolf Hungry Wolf and his sons were warmly welcomed by rural Cubans who appreciated their fascination with antiquated machinery as well as their compatible attitudes towards community.
“Forsaking Havana’s nightlife in favor of railway outposts, Hungry Wolf gleaned a sympathetic view of the Cuban people?.”
The author met and spent time with ordinary Cubans-farmers, sugarmill workers, cowboys and steam railroaders-people whose thoughts and opinions have seldom been heard and whose photos are not often seen.

ISBN 0-920698-52-2
316 pages, 5 1/2 X 8 1/2, softbound, many photos, $17.95.

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