Told by the Old People of many Tribes
Revised Edition

In the Old Days the often-long Season of Winter was a time spent mostly indoors around a central fireplace, whether the home was a tipi, an Earth lodge, a Brush lodge, or an Igloo.  The men were often gone hunting, raiding, or taking care of the Horses.  The women were kept busy cooking, sewing, and hauling wood and water.  So, it was often left for the Old People in the home-grandfather or an old aunt-to watch the children and entertain them.  They played games, learned songs, and practiced skills that the parents were busy doing.  But, as with children everywhere, the favorite pastime was listening to the Old Ones’ stories-real or imaginary.
This expanded edition, with new illustrations and stories, is a unique and authentic view of the world as revealed through these tales collected from Indigenous people across North America.

ISBN 1-57067-116-8
128 pages, 6 X 9, softcover, $9.95


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